Are you ready to jump on the tax-exempt bond bandwagon? Over the last eight years, the landscape of tax-exempt bond financing has changed and more and more bonds are being sold directly to banks across the nation.

Do you have customers or potential customers that are: hospitals, health centers, visiting nurses associations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, child care organizations, colleges, universities, private independent schools, museums, theaters, zoos, adult day care facilities, boys & girls clubs, community action agencies, and social service agencies?

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Imagine applying for a mortgage or commercial loan on Amazon or shopping for a checking account via an App on your Iphone. As many in the financial services industry may already know, there are a new brand of startups known as “Fintech” companies who are rapidly becoming viable alternatives to traditional wealth management. “Fintech,” which is abbreviated from financial technology, are various startup companies who are utilizing technology to make traditional financial services more efficient – for example, mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and asset management. Fintech companies can provide users with a variety of financial services that were once exclusively within the purview of a traditional bank (from facilitating investments, financial planning to underwriting). Fintech startups are geared towards giving the consumer a more personalized and efficient product than currently exists. If the trends continue, Fintech companies will cause the technological areas of consumer banking to undergo significant changes.

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